To focus on continuous development, to understand the expectations of all our stakeholders, to take care of the protection of personal data and to be a reliable business partner respecting intellectual rights, adopting ethical business culture, working in accordance with the legislation and demonstrating a superior performance with the right understanding of service.

In line with this approach, we make studies on social, economic and environmental issues.

Social Equality

Social Equality for Society

  • In order to support human health and facilitate patients' access to the drug treatment products they require, we follow innovations in the industry and develop and manufacture medicines and strive to make these products available to patients under economic conditions.
  • We carry out studies aimed at informing the public about health.
  • We show efforts to support some needs through projects and donations that will be beneficial to the society.

Social Equality for our Employees

  • We try to implement proposals, recommendations and practices for protection in Occupational Health and Safety issues and ensure a healthy work environment by identifying the risks that our employees may be exposed to.
  • We take care to support the establishment of professional and family life balance.
  • We attach importance to the expression of our employees' suggestions and complaints, and we organize satisfaction surveys.
  • We offer gender equality and equal opportunity in matters such as recruitment, performance, promotion and training.

Social Equality for Women

  • We rely on women's strength and support their participation in the workforce as a responsible employer.
  • We attach importance to keep the female employee ratio high,
  • We attach importance to the increasing participation of women in the management.
Sustainability Terra Pharmaceuticals
Sustainability - Ratio of Female Employees is 30%
Sustainability Terra Pharmaceuticals

Protection of Environmental Heritage

We aim to support the formation of a manufacturing and consumption culture where respecting the environment and people, using resources effectively and recycling have become indispensable parts of the economy.

To this end;

  • We take great care to prevent environmental pollution, reduce energy consumption and use water efficiently in all our activities and investments,
  • To reduce the amount of wastewater and packaging waste,
  • To direct the recyclable waste to the authorized institutions for the purpose of collecting, separating, and recycling them,
  • To use recyclable packaging materials.

Ecological Economy

We want to contribute to increasing the quality of human life, increasing social equality, reducing environmental risks and reducing ecological scarcity.

In this context;

  • We aim to reduce production costs, increase efficiency and quality, hence eliminate activities causing waste.
  • We conduct visual studies to raise awareness about energy efficiency, and we renew equipment in order to reduce energy consumption.
  • We are trying to increase the use of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles.
  • We are reducing our travels requiring the use vehicles by increasing our use of virtual meetings.
Sustainability Terra Pharmaceuticals