Our Business Partners

Terra Pharmaceuticals continues its activities to become a leading company in the health industry. As an unchanging part of this entire understanding, Terra comes together with its business partners and suppliers under the same umbrella of values.

It constantly looks beyond the current boundaries of the company to seek new ideas and ensure their successful use. Searches for the best strategic partnerships within a broad target group.

It cooperates with its business partners and suppliers by keeping the quality, efficiency, and responsibility standards at high levels. The selection of business partners who have adopted sustainability as a strategy, plays a key role.

Our Supplier Partners

More than 70 percent of our purchasing volume is derived from the member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Terra expects to act in accordance with corporate ethics and values, no matter where the supplier or business partner is from.

The Global Purchasing Department offers the health sector the best-in-class cost-effective products with high quality at the most affordable price. Suppliers offering the highest potential in terms of product quality, production costs and innovation and optimization of logistics processes will be preferred.

For information: satinalma@terrailac.com.tr

Our Production Partners

Terra pharmaceuticals supply the raw materials of the products it develops from domestic and international GMP-certified companies after the analysis results have been determined and performs an in-house manufacturing (Myfarma Production Facilities) or ensures contract manufacturing.

It launches its products to the market by contacting companies with domestic production facilities concludes agreements with the companies that perform the production in the shortest time possible which are able to fulfill and document GMP requirements, are holding ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certificates and undergo regular inspections, in addition, those most suitable for its own system, without compromising quality.

For information: isgelistirme@terrailac.com.tr

Domestic Sales

Terra Pharmaceuticals' experienced and equipped sales team provides quality services in the regions where it serves, delivers its products to all parts of Turkey with our partner pharmaceutical warehouses and thus contributes to human health.

If you want to be our business partner for domestic sales, you can contact us and contribute to human health.

For information: yurticisatis@terrailac.com.tr

Foreign Sales

Terra Pharmaceuticals has adopted the principle of having a say in foreign markets with its product portfolio that is growing and renewing day by day. Our company, which has good commercial relations with developed and developing countries in foreign markets, delivers its products to these countries through its business partners and contributes to world health.

If you want to be our business partner for foreign sales, you can contact us and contribute to world health.

For information: yurtdisisatis@terrailac.com.tr

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