About Us

Health Since 1970

The company was established by Dr. Cengiz Yurtoğlu under the name Yurtoğlu İlaç in 1970 and has continued its production and sales activities of human medicinal products since then. Dr. Yurtoğlu thought that medicine was of special importance in terms of directly addressing human health and showed great efforts to reduce the prices of drugs in our country.

Our Principles

Terra Pharmaceuticals has adopted the principles of "protecting the country's interests", "quality", "continuity" and "providing economical products" since it has been established.

Transformation Process

In 1998, Terra Pharmaceuticals took over the licenses of Yurtoğlu İlaç company. Terra Pharmaceuticals carries out the development, production, sales and marketing activities of human medicinal drugs in different treatment groups within the framework of the same basic principles.

Expert Staff

The company renders its services throughout the country with its 7 regional directorates and 75 employees within the borders of Turkey.

100% Domestic Capital

It is a company established with 100% domestic capital prioritizing human health and contributing to the country's economy.


We are expanding our team by implementing all modern human resources practices.