Senior Management
Öztürk Oran
Board of Directors Chairman

He was born in Kars in 1956. He graduated from Erzurum Kazım Karabekir Education Institute, Department of Turkish Language and Literature. He completed the Budgeting and Standard Costs specialization programs at the Bank and Commercial Law Research Institute and the Accounting Institute of Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration. He successfully completed his Foreign Trade and Bank Management training at the Turkey Banks Association Training Center. He studied English Language in Cambridge-England between the years 1989-1990.

Öztürk Oran, who started his career at T. Vakıflar Bankası TAO in 1974, has been working as the Terra Pharmaceuticals Board of Directors Chairman since 2003, of which he is one of the founding partners. Among the companies where Öztürk ORAN has worked are Myfarma Pharmaceuticals as a Pharmaceutical Production Facility, Remedium Pharmaceuticals in the field of Homeopathic products, Netra Pharmaceuticals in the field of food supplements, cosmetics, biocidal and chemical products, Pharmanona Pharmaceuticals in the field of rapid COVID-19 testing, etc. and VisCoran Health Science in the field of innovative biotechnological products requiring advanced technology (such as the Covid-19 vaccine).

Öztürk Oran is still serving as a a member of the Board of Directors at T. Vakıflar Bankası TAO, Board of Directors Chairman at Vakıf Katılım Bankası A.Ş., a member of the Assembly and Board of Directors of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, and as a member of the Board of Directors of the World Trade Center. Öztürk ORAN also serves in the management of many NGOs and foundations such as Orphans Association and Orphans Foundation. Öztürk Oran is married and has two daughters.

Nurcan Bilge
General Manager

Nurcan Bilge graduated from METU Department of Industrial Engineering in 2003. She completed the Sabancı University Executive MBA program in 2014. In the same year, she participated in the “Leadership and Innovation” program at MIT Sloan School of Management. In 2020, she successfully completed the "Sustainable Business Strategy" program at Harvard Business School.

After graduating from university in 2003, she started her career as a production and planning engineer in an export company of textile products. After 6 years of experience in the textile industry in positions such as Quality Assurance Manager and Strategic Planning Director, she was transferred to Toprak Holding in 2009. She served as the General Manager of Toprak Pharmaceuticals as the Group Vice President within the Holding.

In 2012, she started to serve in the management staff of Rintek ARGE, a family company which provides digital marketing and social media imaging services under the Semanticum brand. She managed the sales, marketing and fundraising processes of the company by managing various projects of Semanticum. In 2016, the majority shares of Semanticum were acquired by Doğuş Group. Nurcan Bilge has been serving as the General Manager of Terra Pharmaceuticals since 2016. At the same time, she works as a referee and rapporteur on "Nano technology and advanced materials" and "Fast Track to Innovation (FTI)" at the European Commission. She is married with two children.

İbrahim Murat Akdağ
Sales and Marketing Manager

After graduating from Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture, he completed his MBA education in Çukurova University, Faculty of Business Administration at the Organization Science branch in 2013.

He started his career as the Sales Manager at Bir-Kan Agricultural Technologies. Afterwards, he worked in Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Daiichi-Sankyo, Maraji pharmaceutical companies as the Sales Representative, Regional Manager and Sales Manager respectively.

As of 2017, he has been carrying out the Domestic and International Sales & Marketing (Traditional, Digital and Social Media Marketing), Budget and Performance Management, Strategic Planning, Training, Customer Relationship Management processes as the Sales and Marketing Manager of our company.

Murat Baloğlu
Accounting and Finance Manager

He graduated from Anadolu University, Department of Business Administration and worked as an Accounting Officer in Financial Consultancy and Audit companies between 2000 and 2007. In 2007, he worked as the Accounting and Finance Manager at Çarşıbaşı Tekstil A.Ş., as the Deputy Director of Financial and Administrative Affairs at the textile company that operated within Tohum Holding between 2008-2010, and as the Financial and Administrative Affairs Manager between 2010-2015 at Ataş Cosmetics company, which operated in the field of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products, and between 2016 and 2018, he worked as the Accounting and Finance Manager at Reviva Moda Dış Tic. A.Ş., which operates in the field of exports of textile products.
He has been working as the Accounting and Finance Manager at Terra Pharmaceuticals since 2018. He holds a Certified Public Accountant License and is married with two children.

Öznur Ege
Regulatory Affairs Manager

Having graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, she gave a start to her professional career in the pharmaceutical industry in 2003. She has undertaken various managerial roles in the Production, QA, R&D and Regulatory Affairs departments, covering topics such as production, GMP compliance, HACCP, audit, technology transfer, validation, licensing and pricing. She has participated in various certificate programs for regulatory affairs processes.

She has been working at Terra Pharmaceuticals as the "Regulatory Affairs Manager" since 2017. The company carries out licensing, pharmacovigilance, pricing and reimbursement processes for human medicinal products, biotechnological products, homeopathic products, cosmetic products, biocidal products, food supplements and medical devices.